My Thoughts On Emotions

There are emotions and then there are states of being. When it comes to emotions it’s important to see them as they are, emotions. They are temporary and distort your view of reality towards the situation. So if you monitor and acknowledge your emotions you can discipline yourself to think realistically in situations and not let emotions get the best of you. Of course it’s ok the cry or scream and let all those emotions out of you but you have to learn to acknowledge them and not let it distort your reality. Just feel them through and let them go. This is something I’m working on myself.

When it comes to states of being, if your unhappy with life, your thinking about the past or future and those do not exist. There is only now and what you can do for yourself now. The past is gone and the future does not exist until it comes.

You have to learn to live life without expectations. There will be problems throughout your entire life. You can’t expect or hope for a good day. You can just be thankful for the good things presently in front of you. When it comes to life you get what you get it’s either good or bad. You just have to learn to deal with it. And that’s what part of being spiritual means.

Being spiritual means to me to grasp the reality of all situations. To find your general state of happiness by understanding your emotions.

Goodnight Poem

Blissful sleep sweeps me through,
And a dream as beautiful as it can be within me grew.
Butterflies fluttering and birds singing,
In my heart, happiness and excitement springing.
I wake up suddenly in the wee hours of the night,
Thanks to my ringing alarm that gave my dream a good bite.
But off to sleep I go again, Good Night!

I like reading poetry before I sleep. I should really get off the phone before bed though.

You’re milk and honey
A drink I drink before bed
Don’t you feel lucky
That we can end the day like that?

Milk and honey
Warm and lovely
Milk and honey
Warm and lovely

Love you make me feel it
Fantasy world in my room

Six doves flying over
Waterfall falling through my roof.