Today’s Meditation

Usually we see self confidence as creating an image or story of yourself consistently in your head to make yourself feel good. Then we struggle because we are constantly trying to keep that image almost like a mask. Sometimes this mask can let us down.

Quiet confidence is just accepting yourself, who you really are. You may experience vulnerability and uncertainty but once you overcome that you’ll be able to live without that image in your head and you’ll accept you you truly are.

Classes Start Tomorrow

Classes start tomorrow. I’m taking anatomy and physiology, adolescent psychology and child health psychology. I am prepared for the trials and tribulations ahead of me because I’ve never had an easy semester so I’m not expecting this one to be easy at all. I promise I will hit this semester with vigor. I will also try not to get too stressed out. I will try to fit in time to do things that I love that benefit me such as yoga and reading a good book. Sadly, I have to cut down on other things I love such as watching anime and gameplays. Anyway I know I can get through this.