Classes Start Tomorrow

Classes start tomorrow. I’m taking anatomy and physiology, adolescent psychology and child health psychology. I am prepared for the trials and tribulations ahead of me because I’ve never had an easy semester so I’m not expecting this one to be easy at all. I promise I will hit this semester with vigor. I will also try not to get too stressed out. I will try to fit in time to do things that I love that benefit me such as yoga and reading a good book. Sadly, I have to cut down on other things I love such as watching anime and gameplays. Anyway I know I can get through this.

I feel like I go back and forth trying to make everyone happy that sometimes I forget to take care of myself. I let myself get stressed out. Honestly I really just want my dog to be the number one person that I prioritize at the moment. Because she is getting ill. Most people wouldn’t understand because she’s a dog but to me she is more. But of course I have to take care of my family and my own tasks. These days I’m running around in circles. I don’t even know how long I’ll be staying at one place anymore. Whenever someone needs me I’m right back at the other place. I’ll find stability in my situation soon enough though it just takes some situating.

Driving back and forth from house to house <<<<<. I try my best to make everyone happy but I can’t accompany everyone at once😔. My mom gets lonely but I want to be there for my dog because she’s old now. Choosing my priorities is difficult.

I hope no one starts a black girl spiritual and meditation business before I do. Mine is going to incorporate kawaii and anime designs too. I’m working on my own avatars now I’m so exited. I already have very simple spiritual designs in my shop. But as soon as I graduate and have time to really handle my business I’ll have my own authentic store. Right now I’m my shop I have all types of designs but I have to figure out an exact style for my business. Even after though I’ll continue to sell my random designs on shops like Redbubble and tee public for the fun of it. I want to make t shirts, crop tops, panties and jewelery.

I think I’m gonna be a playboy bunny this Halloween. My mom called me a hoochie because all of a sudden i like dressing up half naked. I like my body and I like being half dressed or not dressed at all. Whenever I wear my lingerie or half naked costumes I don’t even go out the house. I don’t plan to do anything for Halloween but watch horror movies with Ruth. I still like looking sexy though🤷🏾‍♀️. My body makes me happy and I just do it for fun. If it makes me happy let me be. And I’m wearing lingerie on my birthday.